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BeitragVerfasst am: 29.06.2007, 00:22    Titel: F.A.Q. Antworten mit Zitat

Hi, I created a little F.A.Q. with the questions I revieced from most of the players. Would be very nice, if you could continue it!


Q: I got stuck and can't shoot anymore after a cut-scene.

A: This is a camera problem, which doesn't appear always. You can load an older savegame and try this scene again, it might work now. If not, please wait for the patch!

Q: The elevator at the end of the combine mothership( guarded by 3 elite-soldiers) explodes but I die after changing to the next level.

A: The fall seems to be a little too high. You should use the godmode.
Check out the end of this site to find out how you can enable this mode.

Q: The menue of Infiltration starts but while loading the game crashes.

A: Please (re-)install the Source SDK Base and start it once before you try the mod again.

Q: Infiltration doesn't start.

A: Install the Source SDK Base, which can be found at the "tools" tab.

Q: I don't find the way out of the trainstation and I can look through two leaks in the walls.

A: There are doors behind these leaks. You have to open one with pressing "E" to walk through the hole.

Q: I fall through the earth/the rocks while driving the buggy or the boat.

A: While driving the buggy or the boat, do not drive into rocks. After the tunnel leave the buggy and walk.

Otherwise, please wait for the patch.

Enable cheats:

1. Activate the console at the Options menue

2. While playing a game, you can now enter a low of commands

Godmode: god

Levelchange: map hl2inf_part1 (-14)

Suit: give item_suit
Weapons: give weapon_smg1
give weapon_crossbow
give weapon_smg1

Ammo: give item_ammo_smg1
give item_ammo_pistol
give item_ammo_crossbow
and so on.

I hope this little FAQ helps you.
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